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If you came to this site, please update your links. All content from this site has been migrated to a new CMS system.

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New Features for

I have been brainstorming for the upgraded version of this site. I will change the theme of this blog and so it will give me the freedom to add more function. I would like to add the following features to this site:

A forum section is in the plans to be added for students to discuss with one another on how to help in regards to getting through medical school. It won't be specific to one school, it'll be open for everyone who goes to the Caribbean and who are rotating in Chicago and elsewhere in US & Canada. The forum section should be a great tool for those who are also looking for USMLE study partners. It will also be a good place to share residency interview experiences.

Private Message
I will add this feature with the forum for those who want to keep the conversations private between each other such as sharing phone numbers and addresses for classified section.

When you leave the islands or rotations I know how hard it is to sell your stuff. Other students would love to buy your stuff at a cheaper price. So I plan to add a classified sections in which students can talk to one another. Also it'll be a good place to post your apartments if you are looking to get people to take over your lease.

Q&A Section
I may not have the answer to everything. That's why I will add a questions and answers sections where other students can answer any questions you may have.

Live Chat
I want my visitors to chat with each other so therefore I will add a chat module in which each visitor can chat with each other. It'll be a fun addition to the site.

If you have any ideas that could make this site better please don't hesitate to contribute on the comments below. Thanks.

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It hasn't been a walk in the park as I'm upgrading this blog. This blog has a lot of content since 2009 and the blogging system that it rests on has a lot of limitations. Therefore, I am migrating it to a better system. You will see a lot of changes and it will also allow me to blog more easily. I need more traffic and I need more comments to motivate me to keep writing. So bear with me as I make this site more shiny. If the site goes down for a little bit please remember you can also visit

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