A Day's Walk in Kralendijk, Bonaire Taking Pictures

One of the prospective students asked for some pictures. So on a day's walk I decided to take pictures.  The pictures are self explanatory. And 97% of the time the weather is sunny so the weather doesn't change often.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for taking these photos.

imgstudent said...

You're welcome..one of my readers named Frank asked for them

Eric said...

Hey imgstudent,

I'm also considering going to a Caribbean med school instead of dealing with the headache of getting into a U.S. school. I'm curious how you are able to afford going to St. James. Is there any financial aid?

This blog has been really helpful and interesting so I thank you for writing about your experiences.


imgstudent said...

SJSM does have financial aid from a private bank. But no aid from the US Federal government.


The loan depends on your GPA, which is not in many people's favor because students here worry about the score of USMLE and just to pass in the classes here.

I borrowed money from other in order to support myself.

Anonymous said...

Nice photos, thanks for sharing them.

What time of day was your walk? Where is everyone??

imgstudent said...

Thanks, it was in the afternoon, and it was on a Saturday.

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