I Apologize for Not Replying to your Emails

Dear readers,

I came across my email account and I found out that I haven't received the emails that you sent. I got access to my account medstudent786@gmail.com recently and it looks as if a lot of people emailed me asking me questions and I didn't respond. I am extremely sorry and I will reply to those emails as soon as I can. I know it looked as if I ignored your emails but I didn't, I just didn't receive them till I checked my email settings.

If you want prompt answers, which can be public, then please ask me your question on the comment box under the article related to your question. Thank you.

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Medical Student said...

If anyone has any concerns or questions please comment below. It'll be easier for me to reply.

Medical Student said...

I have replied all the emails I received to the email medstudent786@gmail.com I hope I answered everyone's questions.

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