A Calorie Burning Drink That Gives you Energy and Focus

If someone told me that a drink that gives me focus, I would've been like yeah I already heard about it, Red Bull or Monster.  I'd probably think it's pure bull.  But I never thought there was a drink made for calorie burning that gives me focus.

So what happened was I was walking by the water bottle isle in Jewel-Osco in Chicago and I saw a drink that was not hyped up, however it looks as if a lot of people bought it because there were few cans left.  The drink is called Aspire.  After drinking 1 can I noticed my mind is a bit calm and I was able to focus on my studies.  It doesn't act like a stimulant, the feeling is subtle.

Now I don't know if it burns calories like it claims; however it surely does something.  It has two factors that research shows that do burn calories: L-Carnitine and Green Tea Extract. 

I was curious of their claim and they decided to give a 2-weeks challenge of drinking two cans a day.  Their website claims that one should weight him or her self before starting the challenge and then weight him or her self after the 2 weeks. They claim that after two weeks of drinking 2 cans a day, you will loose weight without effort.  I couldn't' care less about the weight loss, but I do care about the vitamins and the energy it gives me without the sugar and the crash, which occurs when drinking Red Bull.

Try it and let me know what you experience.

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