USMLE World Question Bank for the USMLE Step 1 Review

The USMLE World question bank is the highest rated question bank on the market. USMLE World (UW) is harder than the actual test and it’s the ultimate source to do well in the USMLE Step 1. There are other good question banks such as USMLErx and Kaplan Qbank but you should always make UW your primary question bank.

I completed USMLErx had various errors and I was able to identify them because I did one round of UW before I started on USMLERx.

On the test I saw some of the same questions tested in a simple manner. On UW a concept may be tested on 3 to 4 steps, while on the actual test the same concept may be tested on 1 to 2 steps.

The educational objective on UW is the most important part of the question in my opinion. The second most important part is the detailed explanation right after the answer choices. If you were to take notes from UW then I suggest to at least write down the educational objective.

UW is a learning tool and should not be used mainly to assess how much you know. UW can be used as an assessment tool only if you do it on random, timed, mixed mode on the first time. If you do UW more than once than don’t use it as an assessment tool; use the UW Assessment tests and especially the NBME tests as assessments. No matter how many times you do UW if you are scoring around at least 80% then you are good to go. The last week before I took my test my blocks tests were scoring from 76% to 86% on UW with an average of 81% so, I knew I was ready to take my test. I did UW two times thoroughly and give or take on the third time. Keep in mind that you should do a secondary question bank after UW.

It’s important to do a secondary question bank to test yourself on the concepts before taking assessment tests close to the test date. When you study a medical concept you should look at from as many angles as you can. For example, if you were asked about Turner Syndrome, you would know Turner Syndrome inside and out if you were asked 7 questions about it rather than just 1 question. That’s why I suggest you should do a secondary question bank; however, always keep UW as your primary question bank. For my secondary question bank I used USMLERx because it’s tied to First Aid for the USMLE Step 1 book. I’m glad I did USMLERx because I was given an anatomy question on the Step 1 that was not UW. And it was a simple question regarding a ligament tear and I remembered it right away because I was not familiar with that concept. I can’t discuss which questions I got on my test because it’s against the USMLE rules, but if you do as many questions as possible then you covered all your ends. I can’t comment on Kaplan Qbank because I didn’t use it but the more questions you do the better. If you do all question banks UW (2 times), Kaplan QBank, and USMLERx then there should not be any reason for you not to be ready. If you do all the question banks then you have a high chance to kill the USMLE Step 1. I wish I did all the question banks, but I only did UW and half of USMLERx; that was once of my biggest regret for the test.

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Anonymous said...

Did you buy Uworld after learning all the subjects or used it after learning each topic?

Medical Student said...

I used it from the beginning with the videos to learn the subjects.

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